About Us

We are a company of like-minded people, organized in 2009 to develop software products of high complexity and high-load billing systems. In the process of active development, we identified several key areas (including blockchain, crypto projects and security audit of smart contracts) and were not mistaken. 11 years of stable growth is proof of this.

“The unity of the dissimilar” - that's what one of the clients called us and we really liked this definition. We are really very different, and there has never been a single case when we did not come to a consensus on the essence of the problem, although disputes sometimes significantly exceed the permissible degree.

All our clients become our friends. And they can always count on our unselfish help at any time.

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Key areas of the company

  • Complex projects in the field of finance
  • Security audit of IT systems and software products
  • Exchanges, exchangers and various services in this niche
  • Providers of liquidity for exchanges and exchangers
  • Blockchain, smart contracts and blockchain consultations. Enterprise blockchain
  • Billing systems, accepting payments in cryptocurrency for business
  • the site is open, active work with the community is in progress
  • a well-coordinated team is highlighted
  • Game development and gamification of customer interactions Recently, we have been receiving a large number of requests for security audits of both crypto projects in general and individual smart contracts. That is why it was decided to take this service into a separate independent direction:
  • a separate company was created under the brand Security Expert (Estonia).

What are you getting

Guaranteed quality and terms

No detail will be overlooked. All works are carried out in a licensed development environment with strict adherence to community standards. The audit process is classified under Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE-699) with all appropriate parameters and procedures.

Reliability of results

Systematized 11 years of development experience, correct documentation and high competencies of our employees allow us to confidently start auditing projects of any complexity.

Comprehensive support

The result of our cooperation is not only clear and deeply detailed reports on all types of vulnerabilities in smart contracts, but also qualified assistance in eliminating errors in the code and its business logic.

We do not leave friends half way.

Within the framework of this page, it makes no sense to describe all the nuances of auditing smart contracts to demonstrate our competencies. We offer you a more efficient way to test this.

You may have questions about the security of your project - ask us by filling out the form below. In the near future, you will receive a preliminary answer, in fact, indicating the amount of time required for the examination of your question (analysis of code, logic, design, etc.) and providing a detailed answer. If it suits you, a detailed answer will come up to 1 hour before the agreed deadline.